About Us

B. Ough & B. D'Ambrosio -

​    B. Ough has been in the tree business for twenty years.  He's climbed trees in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and all the way out in Tucson Arizona to fix, prune, cable, install lightning protection and remove trees in urban areas.

   B. D'Ambrosio has been in the tree business for over twenty-five years and is the fourth generation climber in the D'Ambrosio family.  He has climbed and worked in trees in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Oregon and the state of Washington.  He can turn an ugly shrub or tree into a beautiful work of art.

  Our goal is to fix and save trees by using the knowledge we have acquired at an ISA tree lab and through years of working with some of the best climbers in the U.S. and Canada.  When the tree cannot be saved or you just want it removed then we are more than happy to take it apart for you and clean it up. 

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